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RSS Publisher is a program for RSS publishers. Using this program one can not only upload
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22 August 2009

Editor's review

As the name suggests, this is an RSS publisher. In effect, it enables the user to manage the publishing of RSS feeds over time and allows archiving of older feeds for future reference.

Pros: RSS Publisher 1.73 which makes the task of managing RSS feeds easy. It allows for automatic publishing, renewing and uploading of RSS feeds. The older/exisiting feeds (which are been taken off of your website) do not get over-written or deleted automatically as typically happens, but the RSS Publisher gives you the option of archiving them. This, in fact, is its best feature and the tool is worth it just for getting this task done acceptably. For publisher’s out there who would like this kind of archiving it will prove to be useful. The actual publishing process is really streamlined so once you figure out what to do and setup the required “task” it is just a single button press that gets it done. A “smart backup” feature allows for a comparative (and therefore cumulative) archiving by archiving only those things that are different from what is already saved on your hard drive.

Cons: It features a poor interface and really needs improvement on that front. Although the program description does not say it the downloaded program actually installs under the banner of a “beta” version and it appears that that is what this program is. Some issues need to be sorted out – for example, the interface is not convenient and intuitive as the description says but is actually simple because few tasks can be performed; some tasks need the invocation of “task” menu to actually get the job done.

This product is aimed at semi-professionals (it is not really for beginners), but due to its limitations a lot of them will not find this useful and prefer to use something more advanced.

Overall: Possible 4 stars, because it is a useful tool and works well for managing of RSS feeds (especially archiving). However, 3 stars is recommended because this actually looks and feels like a “beta” and needs improvement.

Publisher's description

RSS Publisher is a program for RSS publishers. Using this program one can not only upload any number of new RSS feeds to web servers, but also save and manage existing RSS feeds. The program has a number of unique features, allowing to automate the process of uploading and archiving of RSS feeds.
Who is this program for?
RSS Publisher is designed for those who use RSS feeds on their sites and need to renew them on a regular basis.
What is this program for?
People who use the RSS feeds need to renew them on a regular basis, but when the new RSS is uploaded to the server the old one is usually overwritten and the previous data is lost. The RSS Publisher solves this problem - it not only allows to automate the process of uploading and renewing of the RSS feeds, but also allows to archive the older feeds, creating a database of the RSS feeds and accompanied files.
How does it work?
After one has created the new task in RSS Publisher and specified all necessary parameters (web server address, login, password and the location of the RSS files) a usually complicated task of updating and archiving the RSS feeds will be carried out by a push of a single button.
A unique feature of the RSS Publisher is the "Smart Backup": if specified, the RSS Publisher will compare the existing RSS file which is located on the web server and the local RSS file and if the files are different (the parameters are defined by the user) the program will backup the remote file locally and only after that the new file will be uploaded to the web server.
Main features:
Multiple RSS version support
Convenient and intuitive interface
Unlimited number of tasks
Feed Image Support
"Smart Backup" function
FTP support
Logging all progress in a log file
Low system requirements
And more important... IT's FREE!
RSS Publisher
RSS Publisher
Version 1.93
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